Bury In Bloom Sponsors

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Email Stephen Moody on Stephen@buryinbloom.org.uk, or telephone 07594 665346 for more details on roundabouts available now for sponsorship.

Partnering Bury in Bloom is a cost-effective and popular way of placing your company name and logo before the public, and at a fraction of the cost of newspaper or local radio advertising. Being seen to support Bury in Bloom sends a very positive message to the local community.

Most of the sites that take sponsor signs are on busy roundabouts, and benefit from constant observation by traffic.

Bury Roudabout

We have been told that our annual charge of between £900 and £3,500 is among the most reasonable in the UK for this sort of advertising. This level is maintained so that we may retain a good and lasting relationship with our sponsors, while funding important improvements to the environment of Bury St. Edmunds.     

Kings Road Roudabout

There are also opportunities for companies to offer sponsorship in kind, rather than cash. This is proving particularly effective at the moment with our partnership with Premier Printers, who have signage on the busy Tayfen Road roundabout.

Sponsorship of roundabouts and other planted areas come up for renewal each year. Many sites have two distinct planting schemes each year – autumn/spring and summer.

NorthGate Roudabout