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Bury in Bloom Hanging Baskets

Bury in Bloom own their own reservoir baskets and can provide summer baskets for business and private households on brackets throughout the town.

Fully Maintained Hanging Baskets
For Businesses and Householders

This is what Bury in Bloom offers:

Ready-planted, colourful displays in water-conserving containers, installed for you on the outside of your building at the end of may.
The basket will be watered, fed and maintained all summer until the season has finished.
The basket will be removed and all the plants recycled at the end of the season.

Cost: £90 per Fully Maintained Basket

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You just have to provide and fix brackets strong enough to hold a maximum weight of 19kg (42lbs). The height of the bracket/s on the front of your building should be positioned so that the base of the basket/s is no higher than 3.5m (12feet), this is the maximum height the watering bowser can reach.

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