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A splash of colour for town centre street

David Felton of Floral Fayre, Eddie Obrien and Steve Moore of the West Suffolk council’s landscaping team, Steve Lawrence of Hazel Nurseries, Rebecca Davis, West Suffolk council’s Horticultural and Grounds Maintenance Officer, and Cllr Robert Everitt, St Edmundsbury Borough Council Cabinet Member for Families and Communities with the plants that are due to be planted later this week.

Market traders in Bury St Edmunds have joined forces with Bury in Bloom and St Edmundsbury Borough Council to improve the look of a town centre street.

Seven planters were installed in St Andrews Street South between the arc and The Cornhill last summer.

Since then they have had trees planted in them. Now Bury in Bloom is adding a splash of colour with new plants, supplied at discount by the Bury market traders.

Robin Burnett, Chairman of Bury in Bloom said: “We have a brilliant mix of spring bedding plants which have been supplied by Floral Fayre and Hazelwood Nurseries. They already look lovely but will be in full bloom by April and will make the area look and feel more attractive for shoppers and visitors.”

Market trader Darren Old, said: “The market traders were keen to work with Bury in Bloom and the Council to help enhance this part of the town which bridges the area between the arc and the market place. This represents just one of the ways that traders are working with other organisations to help make our town centre an even more welcoming and friendly place for our local residents and visitors.”

Robert Everitt, Cabinet Member for Families and Communities at St Edmundsbury Borough Council said: “The market traders are very much part of our community. We know that people who got involved in the town centre masterplan last year said they were keen to seen more greenery and that this stretch of St Andrews Street has been identified as needing a significant transformation to better connect the arc shopping area with The Cornhill and Buttermarket. This is but one small step but it is a significant one towards making the area look more attractive and I look forward to more of this partnership in other parts of the town centre.”

St Olaves Precinct

Opening of a new community area at the St Olaves Precinct on the Howard Estate, Bury St Edmunds.

Children from two schools have come together and planted flowers as part of a collaborative project to create a colourful new community area in Bury St Edmunds.

MP for Bury St Edmunds Jo Churchill opened the new floral seating area at the St Olaves shopping precinct on the Howard Estate yesterday.

The Howard Estate Association of Residents and Tenants (HEART) led the project to revitalise the area, while children from Tollgate Primary School and County Upper School planted the flowers.

The project was backed by St Edmundsbury Borough Council, who own the site and will take responsibility for maintaining the planting, Tesco’s Bags of Help grants scheme provided £8,000, and £6,457 came from Suffolk County Council’s locality budget scheme. Bury in Bloom provided the flowers as a project sponsor.

Ernie Broom, chairman of HEART, said: “It has been a great community project involving residents of all ages.

“Children from Howard Middle School were involved in some of the design work for the raised flower beds. In fact, the design honours a previous “Welcome to the Howard Estate” kite design that the school had been involved with several years back.

“While that sign has faded away and the school has closed, it was great to see some of the children who subsequently transferred to other schools joining in the celebrations.”

Mrs Churchill said: “I am delighted to open this new community area. It is the culmination of a project that has involved people of all ages from the Howard estate – from school children through to members of HEART, and I hope that it will be an area that people on the estate will enjoy for many years to come.”

Robert Everitt, families and communities cabinet member at St Edmundsbury borough council, said: “This is a great example of partnership. I think HEART and all those involved should feel very proud of what they have achieved.”

Tesco manager Gareth Eborall said: “It’s projects like these that really help to capture the public’s imagination by illustrating what can be accomplished when communities are given the support and the encouragement they need to create better places where they live.”

East Anglian Daily Times - Saturday, January 6, 2018

Volunteers give drab underpass makeover

The team who gave Bury St Edmunds’ Park way underpass a makeover

The underpass below Bury St Edmunds’ Parkway has become a more welcoming route to town thanks to a chance meeting.

Bury In Bloom’s Melanie Lesser met Bury St Edmunds resident Sarah Ruczaj, who regularly uses the underpass, and they came to the same decision – it needed a makeover to be more welcoming to people walking into town.

So Sarah offered to recruit a group of volunteers to paint the ceiling, remove graffiti and clear rubbish.

Meanwhile, Melanie gathered funding from Bury Town Council, Our bury st edmunds and Bury in Bloom to enable better signage, a clear map and attractive photographs of the town to decorate the walls.

B&Q, whose store is at one end of the underpass, donated the paint for the ceiling.

Vince Canning from Coastline Graphics designed the signage, using photographs from Bury St Edmunds and Beyond, Our bury st edmunds and Bury In Bloom’s volunteer photographer Jo Sweetman.

St Edmunds bury Borough Council tidied up the planting around the underpass, cutting back under growth and getting rid of litter.

Suffolk County Council has agreed to leave the underpass lights on all day.

Melanie said: “We have already had a number of compliments on the new-look underpass.”

Left, St Edmunds bury Borough Council tidied up the planting. Top Right, Coastline Graphics installing the pictures. Bottom Right, Volunteers painting the ceiling.

Bury Free Press - Friday, December 22, 2017

New tree on Angel Hill

Tree planting on Angel Hill in Bury St Edmunds.

A new hornbeam tree was planted on Angel Hill in Bury St Edmunds this week.

Representatives from Bury in Bloom, the Bury St Edmunds branch of the Royal Artillery Association (Gunners) and St Edmundsbury Borough Council attended the planting on Thursday, November 30.

The hornbeam replaced a previous tree which had died last year and landscaping company Pro-Scape cleaned out the tree pit and filled with new compost.

Jos Bird, from the Gunners, approached Bury in Bloom to replace the tree and the town’s horticultural organisation paid for the tree and its installation as part of its 30 trees project to celebrate its 30th anniversary.

Bob Ewington, secretary of the Bury St Edmunds branch of the Royal Artillery Association, said: “We are delighted the hornbeam has been replanted and would like to thank all involved.

“We will have a rededication of the tree in the spring when the new leaves are out.”

East Anglain Daily Times - Monday, December 4, 2017

Wolf sculpture gets a makeover by creator

Sculptor Ben Loughrill with Melanie Lesser, Bury in Bloom co-ordinator, at the wolf sculpture, on the Southgate roundabout in Bury St Edmunds

Sculptor Ben Loughrill, who created the wooden wolf which sits on the Southgate roundabout in Bury St Edmunds, has been busy giving the structure a brand new makeover.

He has been sanding it down ahead of this weekend’s celebrations to mark St Edmund’s Day.

The wolf has become a popular icon with the Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club tying a scarf on him for every home match and it was in need of a bright and sparkling new look.

So Bury in Bloom commissioned Ben to clean up the sculpture and Melanie Lesser, the co-ordinator of Bury in Bloom, said: “It looks wonderful now and so lovely.”

A self-taught chainsaw sculptor, Ben, who is based in Bungay, said: “I spent about four-and-a-half hours sanding down the wolf and getting the grime off of it and I was getting drivers honking their horns at me and giving me the thumbs up which was nice. It’s certainly become an iconic structure and it will be okayfor a couple of years.”

Bury Mercury - Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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